15 Responses When Your Crush Rejects You by Text

15 Responses When Your Crush Rejects You by Text

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When texting came around in 1992, the way society communicated changed. Forget telephones that make conversations long and often dull, texting allows you to say what you need to say and move on. When you need to tell someone how you feel about them, then what better way than through a text message? Conversely, the same thing now happens when someone rejects you.

Texting allows you to say things to a person that you could never say face-to-face. When it comes to love and matters of the heart, things are always complicated. Texting is a great way to put all your feelings out there and hope for the best, but you can save face should things not go the way you want.

Handling Rejection with Dignity

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However, what if your crush rejects you? What if the very things that you long to hear never come? What if they shoot you down and crush your ego in the process?


First, it’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of guys and gals out there who want to be with someone as beautiful as you. Second, you don’t have to let them have the final word.

Here are 15 comebacks when your crush rejects you and says that they want to stay in the “friend zone.”

1. You don’t know what you’re missing.

The best way to be unaffected by rejection is to turn it back on them. Remind them of all the things they will be missing out on with you. You have many unique gifts and talents, and no one will treat them the way you will.

2. If you think you can get rid of me that easy, then dream on.

If you intend to pursue this person for more than a friendship, then be open and honest about it. Persistence sometimes pays off royally. Just because they reject you today, doesn’t mean that they will feel the same in a month or two.

3. Are you trying to be funny, cause that sounded like you were joking?

If your ego is hurting badly, then play it off as a joke. You can ask if they were joking or were too scared to say how they feel. You want to make sure that you don’t think they got one over on you or the upper hand. Using humor will allow you to keep some sense of pride.


4. I was just kidding, anyway!

If the situation goes south, then you can blame it on you playing around. You can say you were tired, had too much to drink, or aren’t thinking clearly. Humor is an excellent way to break the awkwardness that is now between you.

5. Do you have a twin that has lower standards?

When someone rejects you, it’s hard to find the right words to say. Another attempt at humor will be to ask them if they have a twin who has lower standards. If they act like you are beneath them, then this phrase will bring them back down to reality.

6. I want you to be mine, and I won’t take no for an answer!

Okay, so desperate times call for extreme measures. If you want to be with this person, then you need to tell them. Tell them that their response doesn’t matter as you have your agenda.

You have every intention of trying to win their heart, no matter how long that takes. Now, they may think it’s sweet that you want to be with them, or they might feel that you’re crazy. However, you’ve got to play all your cards.

7. It’s a good thing I’m not sensitive.

If you’re hurt and want to play it off, then you can throw off a flippant comment like, “At least I’m not sensitive.” This will let them know that they’ve hurt you deeply, but you don’t have to come right out and say it. Hold your head high and don’t let them know how much it hurts as you need to save face.

8. Is there someone else in your heart?

One of the first things that you might be thinking is that they are in love with someone else. When a person rejects you, it may be because they are involved with another individual.

It’s a fair question to ask if they’ve already given their heart away. This question will let you know if they don’t like you or they’re already involved. If they don’t say no, then you can altogether rule out a relationship. There still may be hope for the future.

9. What’s wrong with me?

Asking what’s wrong with you is a loaded question. Are you sure you want to know the exact reasons why they rejected you? Most people will try to be kind and brush over a few basic things, but you must be cautious of those who will just tell you exactly how they feel. It could be a real bust to your self-esteem.

10. I would rather have you as my friend than nothing at all.

When all else fails, you don’t want to lose them from your life. When someone rejects having anything more than friendship with you, then being friends is all you have left.

You must ask yourself if you can face them time and again and know that your heart wants theirs and can’t have it. Still, it’s scary to think of losing the person you love even as your friend.


11. I don’t know about a future friendship, as I need to process this rejection.

If you don’t see how you can ever go back to being just friends, then you need to say so. Tell him or her that it’s going to take you some time to process this mess, and you need some time apart.

When you both run in similar circles, then it makes it even more challenging to spend time apart to think. You may decide that your life is better off without them, especially if they don’t feel the same way. Each time you see them would be a reminder of what could have been.

friend zone
Here are tips for moving out of the “friend zone” and into a relationship.

12. I can’t be just friends when my heart wants so much more.

Tell them that no matter what they say, it isn’t going to change how your heart feels. You can’t turn off love or a serious crush like the flip of a switch. You didn’t develop feelings for them overnight, and you aren’t going to get over them overnight either.

13. When I become rich and famous, you will remember this conversation.

It’s your chance to get a little dig in as you remind them what they will be missing when they reject you. If you are in college or have a successful career, it doesn’t hurt to remind them of the life they could be giving up.

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